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ENIGMA-Vis is designed to navigate the ENIGMA consortium summary statistics data, generate regional plots or visualize effects on 3D brain. The app is using GRCh37 (hg19), dbSNP155 and dbSNP147 (for regional plot and color brain) as references.
ENIGMA-Vis is free to use. If you use the tool, please cite our publication!

Generate regional plots

A tool for making regional plots from ENIGMA summary statistics data.

Main components

1. Datasets selection tabs
2. Category toggle button (for the Enigma 3 datasets)
3. Checkbox list of the Enigma 3 phenotypes
4. Query term input field
5. Resulting plot

Color brain regions

This tool is programmed to make 3D cortical maps for a query SNP. It maps either p-value or z-score using the summary statistics data from the Enigma 3 study. The cortical map's colorscale colors and range are user customizable. The map shows region annotations. To see them position the mouse pointer over a region and hold CTRL key at the same time.

EXAMPLE: z-score map for rs1080066 with customized colorscale color.To generate this map, 'z-score' was selected from the metric dropdown menu, then 'surface area' was selected from the category dropdown menu, rs number was entered in input field and submitted. The color of the z-score = -24 was then adjusted by clicking on the corresponding circle and selecting a new color from a dropdown palette.

ENIGMA 4 (2022) Genetic variants associated with longitudinal changes in brain structure across the lifespan.

NOTE: currently only top findings from Supplementary Tables 1-19 are included in query results.
ENIGMA 3 (2020) GWAS of cortical measures. Thirty four regions and one global measure were assessed for surface area and cortical thickness.
ENIGMA 2 + CHARGE (2017) Subcortical regions (ICV and Hippocampal volume) GWAS from ENIGMA and CHARGE consortiums collaboration.
ENIGMA 2 (2015) Volumetric measures derived from a measure of head size (intracranial volume, ICV) and seven subcortical brain structures corrected for the ICV (nucleus accumbens, caudate, putamen, pallidum, amygdala, hippocampus and thalamus).
ENIGMA 1 (2012) Hippocampal volume GWAS.

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Novak NM1, Stein JL, Medland SE, Hibar DP, Thompson PM, Toga AW. EnigmaVis: online interactive visualization of genome-wide association studies of the Enhancing NeuroImaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) consortium.
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